Why do you need an EDC multi tool?

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Why you need an EDC multi tool?

The idea behind best multitool is not new. The idea for these multi tools have been around since 201 A.D.

Since then they are trying to manufacture top rated multi tools. Romans were the first one to design a one. But after the World War II, it was famous all across the globe and everyone accepted the idea.

The best everyday carry multi tool was designed by Victorinox and its name was “Swiss Army Knife”. It comes with a blade and many another multi tool. This simple looking edc multi tool can help you in many other ways. For example, many artisans, outdoorsmen, and soldiers carry the best multitool for 2017 only because of its usefulness. And beside it, many metalworkers, designers, and engineers are revisiting the idea of the top rated multi tool and making it more useful.

Below are some reasons, why you need to carry the best everyday carry multi tool.


One cannot say when an emergency will hit, because emergencies are sudden and they can appear from any corner of life. And the best you can do is prepare before the emergency happens. When you have a multi tool, the emergency can be taken care of easily. (depending on the situation of course)

Survival tools are very much helpful in emergencies. Such as, you somehow managed to lock yourself in a room, and there is no other way out. With the help of a screw driver in that top rated multi tool, you can unscrew those screws and then you are out.emergency survival


We are not always in need of a pry bar, a bottle opener, a hex driver, a ruler or another function that our leatherman can perform. But when you are in need of a tool to help you, you will be happy to have the tool.

 For example, if you had to carry these tools separately, then you would need a tool box. I actually carry a tool box in the truck of my car. Also made a kit for the wifes car. Many times, you are facing problems, which occur out of no where. The occasion in which you need a multi tool is rare, but when you are stuck you will be happy to have one with you.


One multi tool can solve so many of your problems. I even carry my multitool every day at work, Im a landscape construction manager. Whenever you need help, it will be there to help you. With its help, you will find that now your problems are easily taken care of. Now you do not have to travel miles to go to a store and buy tools or search your complete house for a tool box.

But with the best everyday carry multi tool, you can solve your problem there and then, without wasting time or getting your temper high. Save the time and the frustration.

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