Some Cool Multi Tools

Some Cool Multi Toolseveryday carry

Let’s be honest, irrespective of your line of work you most like do not have every tool for every job. Ever found yourself trying to pry something open with a fork or a knife lately? If yes…

…don’t you think you need am EDC multi tool at this point?

It definitely won’t be the perfect answer to all you fixing questions, but in its own little way, it’s at-the-ready tool that can make the difference between doing something and doing nothing.

Multi tools today come in varying sizes, design and count and some have even been specialized for technicians and gunsmiths. Be that as it may, finding the best everyday carry multi tool that’s most suited for you could at best be a very daunting task and at worst, overwhelming considering the vast array of multi tools available today and also due to the fact that different people have different needs.

Questions about how it will be carried –

in a key ring, you pocket or in a pouch? The specific needs will it meet etc, have to be answered in helping you get the best multi tool that will meet your specific needs. Other considerations will include its durability, utility, how expensive it is and its weight.

In that regard, here are some cool multi tools that you may want to consider in your quest to getting that multi tool that’s perfect for you.


  • Leatherman New Wave This is the most popular multi tool on the market and it’s not difficult to understand why it’s so coveted. It’s the precise combination of utility and quality at a very fair price and a stainless steel build which easily makes it a top rated multi tool. It comes with a sizeable , high quality pliers, four exterior blades that are accessible without opening the tool and 11 other high utility tools that make it almost perfect. If you were thinking of giving out a multi tool as a gift this would be most apt. Nothing comes close to a quality multi tool when you need sheer sturdiness and practicality. All you need is a hammer and a six pack and you could practically build a house lol. All these make the Leatherman New Wave one of the best multitool for 2017.


  • Leatherman Tread This is arguably the most original form factor ever designed for a multi tool. And the coolest part is it is fashionably attractive as it comes in the shape of a bracelet. I’m sure you didn’t see that coming – a wearable multi tool which consists of multiple stainless steel links that bundle two to three pieces per piece amounting to an incredible 25 tools. The links are removable for those with smaller wrists. Now how, about that for coolness!


multi tool bracelet

  • Leatherman RaptorThis is made with Emergency Medical Technicians, Medical Professionals and rescue workers in mind. The Raptor consists of folding medical-grade, stainless steel sheers, a ring and strap cutter, a ruler, a wrench for oxygen tank
    s and a carbide glass breaker. Packing just the 6 tools on board, things are guaranteed to be less complicated when dealing with medical operations.

emt medical multi tool


  • D.J Multi Tool – Considering the quantum of equipment DJs carry around from gig to gig, a specialized multi tool surely makes sense for getting things fixed. It comes in the form of thi
    s ingenious tool from KPODJ and contains two screwdrivers, (a Phillips and a Flathead), a socket hex wrench rod with three sockets, six hex key wrenches, a 14 GE wrench and a robust three-size wrench tool that all folds down to a compact 3.5-inch long tool.

Other super cool multi tools include the Bar10der which as the name implies is a bartending tool for fans of mixology and the Crovel Extreme 3 which is a heavy duty outdoor multi tool that combines a shovel with one saw tooth edge, a 14-inch hollow steel handle for storing your gear, a hammer/crowbar combo at the head and so many other tools.

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