Best EDC Multi Tool 2017

Best EDC Multi Tool 2017

Features to look for when searching for Best EDC Multi Tool 2017

Ease of use

Multi tools with quick releasing system happen to be better than the others for several reasons. To avoid injuries, go for the ones with easy of gripping without any rough edges.

Aside opening mechanism, also consider the locking mechanism. The best Pocket tool should be able to close on its own. A tool that opens on its own can inflict severe injury on the user.


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Avoid buying multi-tools made of thin steel because they barely last. Reputable manufacturers make multi-tools using corrosion and rust resistant materials.

Each individual tool may be made of different materials. A multi-tool with multiple screwdriver tips will have to be made of torque resistant material. Such material would have undergone heat treatment to make it strong enough to resist high torque.


One easy way of determining the quality of a tool is by checking its warranty. Tools made of high quality material have good warranty. The ideal length of warranty spans 5 to 25 years. Tools with just 1 year warranty are inferior ones.


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Review of some good multi-tools

Out there in the market, you would find tons of multi-tools from different manufacturers. Below are the three most popular multi-tools.

SOG Specialty Knife and Tools (Assist Knife)

SOG specialty knife, a good multi-tool is made of stainless steel that is corrosion and rust resistant. This tool has a lifetime warranty on it which covers all forms of defects. To minimize the chances of the tool hurting its user, the tool’s body is made of hex bolts instead of the conventional screws.

The tool comes with a unique technology which makes use of high tension coil spring which enables the opening of the two blades.

Gerber Legend 08239MP800 Multi-tool

Probably our pick for best pocket tool. Made from Tungsten carbide-steel is used in the construction of Gerber Legend.

Other materials like nickel, die-cast aluminum, and stainless steel are also used in the making of the tool. The tool consists of a wire cutter, made of zirconium nitride for increased hardness. For smooth handling, the tool’s handle is made using rubber.

There are 12 tools contained in the Gerber Legend, with some of them being a needle nose plier, saw, screwdriver, Philips drivers and knife blade.

So there you have, 3 awesome multi-tools for you.

Leatherman 830040 New Wave Multi-Tool

Just like the SOG, Leatherman New Wave multi-tool is also made of stainless steel. New models of Leatherman’s multi-tool come with pliers with greater gripping force. Bronze bushing is used in the construction of the tool to enhance its durability. New Wave multi-tool has a warranty of 25 years.

The tool kit contained in New Wave multi-tool consists of a cutter for cutting electrical wires, regular pliers, needlenose, a serrated knife, a clip-point knife and a mini saw. It also has a pair of scissors which can be used for heavy jobs.

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